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1000 Speakers Conference in English 17 Event Report



I joined 1000 Speakers Conference in English 17 on 8th May 2015.
1000 Speakers Conference in English, which was founded by Hiro Yoshioka, provides opportunities that participants make short presentation in English.

It was held in a classroom at AIIT – Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology. As I haven’t had a chance to go into school property for a long time, I felt some kind of nostargia when I stepped into the gate.


Here is the program:
Opening Remarks
Self Introduction, why you are here.
LT (Lightning Talks)
Free Talk

Basically every participant is expected to speak only in English and I was intimidated a little at the begining.
You can also skip LT but you still have to introduce yourself & little talk with other participants in English.
Mood in the event was totally relaxed with foods, wine, and beer.


Everyone was so ready for the LT and I was the only one who had to look at my scripts while speaking.
This is the slide I made for my speech.

This speech is about how to train your partner to do house chores. I’m happy that I could get some laughter & positive feedbacks.
I’ve been wondering if I would be the only one to talk about this non-IT topic since most of the participants are SE and computer engineers. However other participants’ LT were also about various topics, such as a local festival, good restaurants, or how to improve your English.
Everyone is welcome as long as you study English.

As I said earlier, most of the participants are IT people. And almost all of them need to use English in their work place. Some work for the famous company which lately changed its official language into English. And some work with people from abroad and one of their Malaysian coworkers joined this event too . One guy works for a foreign-owned firm and needs to communicate with his boss in English.

And there was a woman who is not an IT person. She is a pro translator and in the event she was like a kind teacher to other participants. Her english was so good and I thought like “god, this is what I want to be.”


If I could join next event, I’ll prepare so hard that I can give LT without looking at my script.
And I’ll talk to other participants more that’s what I couldn’t do this time because I was very nervous.


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