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16th Arcana Study Session! #sa_study


The same pose. Apparently unintentional.


Hi there, I’m Katsumi!
I’m going to write about our company’s 16th in-house study session.


Live Streaming with THETA S


First of all, graduate student Endo-kun made a speech.
It was about a project to make a “scapegoat TV”, one of Doraemon’s tools & gadget.
It’s not finished yet and he’s still working on it. I can’t wait it to be finished!
His speech made me think that lots of futuristic technologies like Doraemon’s are going to come true near future. Exciting, isn’t it?



In-house Session Part2


Powerpoint from Yukihiro Katsumi


Next, I, Katsumi, made a speech.
No, it wasn’t exactly a speech but I held a little programming competition.
At the beginning I demonstrated my sample program of a bingo game (which I prepared in advance) that is what the participants were to build.
Here‘s my sample program on github.
IMG_2567(I accidentally pulled the same pose too…!)
This is the result.


Rules were not strict.
Participants were allowed to use the programming language of their choice and have to build the bingo game within 1 hour.
I knew 1 hour is not enough to complete and actually it took 2 hours for me to make a prototype and 6 hours to be completed (I prepared the sample program without sleeping the night before this session so I was really sleepy then. zzz…)
Maybe some very skillful engineer can make it within 1 hour but I didn’t want to be so mean, therefore, I’ve decided to cut down on some functions so that more participants can finish it in time.
If you’re interested in the functions that I skipped this time, check out the slide above.


Now here’re the participants;


1. Matchy
2. Endo-kun
3. Nat-chan
4. Yoshida-san
These 4 engineers joined this competition.
(I think someone is missing…)


Now let’s take a look at what the participants had done.


1. Matchy

Matchy-san used JavaScript because God made him to do so.
He used console.log to show the result instead of HTML to save time, yet he couldn’t finish in time.
I guess it’s because he’s such a perfectionist. It was really OK to hard-code though…


2. Endo-kun

Endo-kun has implemented all the functions in time! He nailed it!
But a small bug was found in the counter.
His program was almost perfect except that it was showing one more monster than it’s supposed to be…!
I guess it was around 80% accuracy or so? It was really really close.


3. Nat-chan

Unfortunately she wasn’t able to build something to demonstrate in the session because she had a problem with PHP standard input, however, she tried again the next day and showed us what she has done! She revenged with JAVA and she made it!
I’d like to give her my personal “hard working” prize. (just my feeling though)


4. Yoshida-san

Source code (using Excel macros)
Oh my goodness, our company’s technical executive has done it so beautifully!
In performance wise, its coloring, it was PERFECT.
I actually didn’t expect that someone can build this beautiful program within 1 hour. I was moved.


After going through everyone’s work, Our company’s CEO, Kamada-san, who was watching this session, declared that he will offer some prize money for the best participant.


And the prize money went to…(drum roll)




Yoshida-san’s work was the best by far, but it’s not exciting for regular staffs like us to see the executive member getting money, so it went to Endo-kun in the end.
Off course everyone agreed he did well! Congrats!!


That’s all for my report of the 16th Arcana Study Session.
Cheers for everyone!


By the way…03
I wonder why our Senpai standing at the right top corner didn’t join???
Does anyone know why?